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Kate Richard

Senior Vice President, Branding & Creative, ALEX AND ANI

Kate Richard is the Senior Vice President of Brand and Creative at ALEX AND ANI. Within this role, Kate oversees the creative strategy and brand evolution for ALEX AND ANI, as well being responsible for bringing synergy and innovation within the marketing, design, and merchandising groups. Driven by the vision and direction of ALEX AND ANI founder, CEO, and creative director Carolyn Rafaelian, Kate is meticulous in ensuring Rafaelian’s vision is represented in all components of the company, while offering insight, analysis, and guidance to create milestones and brand direction.

Kate joined ALEX AND ANI in 2012, where she focused on operations and sales through her role in business development. With a driving passion for building the brand’s unique story, product strategy, and growth, she began working closely with Rafaelian to create new concepts and unique collection that continue to keep customers engaged.

Kate, a Vermont Native, has a rich background in operations and brand building. She currently resides in Rhode Island with her ingenious eight-year-old daughter