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Rina Hansen

Co-Founder, Brandheroes

Rina Hansen has published books and research articles about digital transformation and omnichannel retail, and was awarded with the world’s first Ph.D. for her thesis ‘Toward a Digital Strategy for Omnichannel’ in 2015.

Besides her work in academia, Rina has spearheaded digital transformation journeys, introduced omnichannel and redefined fashion brands during the last 20 years for brands like Burberry, Anne Klein, hummel and MCM.

Recently, she co-founded Brandheroes, a local micro-influencer platform with origins in Denmark, the world’s happiest place. From there, Brandheroes are exporting smiles and brand-love across more than 40 countries and 200 cities in the world. It is all done by engaging local influencers—regular people rather than celebrities— as ambassadors for their favorite brands. The Brandheroes use their superpowers to add heart, life and soul to product posts, while they spread the word from the ground up. It is impactful, cost-effective and full of real brand-love.