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April 25 - 27, 2022 | Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

Speakers & Advisors

2022 Speakers

Indra Nooyi
Victoria Medvec
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
Jamie Kern Lima
Leslie Maxie
Stephanie Pugliese
Jasmine Bellamy
Suzy Batiz
Winnie Park
Joan Lunden
Chandra Holt
Brieane Olson
Muriel F. Gonzalez
Nadia Boujarwah
Yve-Car Momperousse
Melanie Travis
Denise Woodard
Cindy Marshall
Rick Holifield
Jamie Hess
Cindy Solomon
Kamy Scarlett
Rebecca Wooters
Karen Katz
Sherry Shi
Shelley Liebsch
Jeannie Barsam
Emily Culp
Stacy Lilien
Lisa Price
Liesel Walsh
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Jane Hanson
Kelly McNamara Corley
Christine Edwards
Suzanne Kiggin
Melissa Wong
Trish Mosconi
Erin Gadhavi
Jamie Ridgley
Shannon Andrick
Carrie Parker
Sarah Engel
Obele Brown-West
Anna Bennudriti
Sarah Cascone
Elizabeth Buchanan
Vandana Ayyar
Taylor Clancy
Jennifer DiPasquale
Melissa Campanelli
Dawn Robertson
Charlotte Glatt

Advisory Board

We can’t do it alone! Here at the Women in Retail Leadership Circle we rely heavily on a stellar group of the brightest and smartest executive women we know in retail, also known as our Advisory Board!  We regularly reach out to them for advice, ideas and perspectives on topics such as content and speakers for our events, new products, articles for our e-letter…basically everything! Our goal is to always have advisors who have a wide range of experiences in the retail space. They have to be passionate about what they do and a desire to generously share their knowledge and lessons learned with others. Check out our board below, I think we’ve met our goal!

See our full Advisory Board here.


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